Wei Cheng, Guangzhou, Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional production of plastic packaging materials and adhesive companies, products for electronics, glass, lighting, hardware, audio, furniture and other manufacturers.
    Since its inception in 2002, after years of experience and hard work, already have a number of bubble film, EPE, plastic bags production line.
   June 1, 2004 in line with the general taxpayer qualification, the products comply with EU ROSH report, please call to discuss! 
   Plastic packaging products: bubble film, bubble bags, anti-static bubble bag, conductive bubble bags, kraft paper bubble bag, aluminum bubble bag, EPE, EPE film, laminated EPE bag, EPE shaped processing;PE, PO, PP, OPP plastic bags, these products can be printed according to customer requirements.
   Adhesive Products: double-sided adhesive (oil glue, water glue), textured plastic, leather glue, sealing glue, tie boxes film, cable and other wet water-binder.


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